Unlock the genetic potential of canola with the power of Saturn.

Introducing Saturn Agrosciences.

We’re a new company forged by Benson Hill Biosystems with one focus: to create healthier, more sustainable varieties of canola.

Why canola? It’s one of the healthiest sources of fatty acids – and could be the key to satisfying consumer demand for lower trans fats in foods. And we’re partnering with both seed and food companies to advance this groundbreaking research.

Optimizing canola genes with CropOS™.

The secret to Saturn Agrosciences’ approach lies in CropOS™, a machine learning platform and suite of genomics tools that helps researchers identify and optimize genes that can lead to better crops. Using what we’ve learned about plant biology and genetics – and putting it all on the CropOS™ platform, we’re able to bring improved crops to market faster.

For canola, we’ve built upon Benson Hill’s industry-leading crop design platform, allowing us to build:

higher-yielding plants with increased photosynthetic efficiency

plants with enhanced nutritional profiles

plants with healthier oil content

We’re looking to partner with both seed and food companies to develop targets to enhance yield, sustainability, oil composition and protein content.

Ready to join us on the journey to better ingredients?

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Who is Saturn Agrosciences?

Saturn Agrosciences was created by Benson Hill Biosystems, building on research with the University of Guelph, with funding from the Canadian Government’s Genome Applications Partnership Program. Benson Hill’s CropOS™ platform combines big data with genome editing to accelerate and simplify product development.

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